Fresh Bread Rolls

BRC accreditation and maintenance

As is generally know the British Retail Consortium has its own standard which is different to ISO9001 and specifically for the retail market, and within that specifically the food industry.  At one time all the big supermarkets had their own standards by which they audited their suppliers meaning that food manufacturers were having to work to different rules depending who they were working for.


And so the British Retail Consortium was founded to bring harmony not the standard.

The standard is now split into 3 sections

  • Food production

  • Food Packaging

  • Food Storage and Distribution


Qualiform are approved to audit companies For Food packaging and Storage and Distribution.


Whilst BRC and ISO9001 are different standards, a lot of the content is the same, or at least similar.  If you are qualified for both – or are looking to qualify – then it’s sensible to tackle both at the same time, using one auditor to audit both standards.  With many years’ experience the internal auditor can help, advise and edge things along on the road of continual improvement.


Qualiform don’t regard these standards as just a ‘badge on the wall’ although they most certainly are that.  Qualiform believes that standards are there to help and to drive a business to a more successful future.  Of course, it’s always nice to get ‘no nonconformances’ – but are we really saying there’s no room for improvement?