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GDPR Compliance Assistance


Do You Need Help In Meeting GDPR Compliance Standards?

The General Protection Regulation has been widely hailed as a game-changer (and a significant one) for preserving people’s privacy since its implementation in 2018. But the GDPR can be confusing and, for many, frustrating for the countless organisations trying to negotiate all of its subtleties and levels. 

It is a lot more stringent in relation to personal data storage which you have to hold for employees etc. and there is a greater commitment from the government to police this.

The 11 Steps To GDPR:

Promote Awareness

One step involves making sure that all decision makers and key people within the organisation are aware of the law being changed and can accept and appreciate the impact this can have on you and the organisation.

Carry Out An Audit

Obtain a document to audit all personal data which is held, where the information came from, and where it will be shared. To create an effective audit document, choose an appropriate person to successfully provide this for you.

Keep Records

All businesses are meant to keep written records which will display evidence on how you are compliant with the accountability principle and central concept within GDPR. Each bit of data which you handle should be examined, your legal basis needs to be carried out and documented.

Appoint DPO

Assign a data protection officer within the organisation to claim accountability for the data protection compliance. Whilst it is not compulsory for smaller businesses, we do recommend you to still designate a DPO and establishing a GDPR committee.

Update Privacy Notices

All privacy notices need to be viewed and a plan formed for any changes to be made to follow all GDPR protocols.

Review & Amend

Assess how you access, obtain, and record consents within data provisions and understand when and if any changes need to be made in the future.

Review Data Protection Policies

All of your employers will be required to review and update their existing contracts of employment, Terms and Conditions and data protection and procedures which will ensure that they are compliant with GDPR rights and legislations.

Make Withdrawing Consent Easy

The process for an individual to withdraw their consent must be an easy and straightforward process. We encourage any businesses to carefully examine their current protocols in relations to given consent and ensure that all of these match up with GDPR compliancy.

Create Data Risk Assessments

New initiatives will require a Data Protection Impact Assessment, particularly if these involves new technology or high-risk data and processing procedures, including monitoring individuals or processing special categories of personal data.

Training Your Staff

All of your staff need to be aware of the changes with the legislations and how this could potentially impact your operations in a practical way for both them and the businesses.

Dealing With Breaches

If a data breach was to occur, you want to ensure that you have all of the relevant procedures in place to identify, report, and investigate before serious damage is caused. You will need to consider how you collect information, particularly minors.

What Qualiform Does:

We ensure that by following and addressing the 11 steps listed above we can help any business structure seemlessly transition into effective GDPR Regulation adherence.

We have experts on hand to answer and solve all GDPR issues which may arise whilst also implementing steps to prevent the same issue from occuring again.

The 7 Key Principles Of GDPR:

Lawfulness, Fairness & Transparency

Purpose Limitation

Data Minimisation


Storage Limitation

Integrity & Confidentiality (Security)


What Do I Need To Do?

Check that all the data you hold is necessary and stored correctly

Ensure you have all of the relevant mandatory policies in place

Ensure you have a process for each legal requirement

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