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Is My Business Eligible For ISO 9001 Accreditation?

by | Jul 28, 2020


There can be a misconception about ISO standards that they’re only for businesses of a certain size or selling certain products. Many young businesses hold it as an audacious prospect for the future and don’t realise the benefits available even for small businesses of their size. In this blog we’ve written an overview which should help clarify the reasons why you should consider getting the accreditation.

Why Not?

Here’s the other way to look at it – are there any significant reasons why you shouldn’t be ISO 9001 registered? There aren’t many reasons that carry real weight. There may also be entities such as shops or self-employed tradesmen where none of your customers will ever put a value on it. However, ISO 9001 will provide value to most business by making it more profitable, more efficient, and more saleable in the future.

Challenge Why You Need It

So, you’re obviously considering going for ISO but not quite sure if you need it. It’s a good exercise to go through the question – why are we getting ISO? Is it just because ‘it’s the thing to do’? Or maybe a one particular customer has demanded that you have the certification before you supply them? Make sure that you aren’t just getting ISO for the sake of the certificate because you won’t get the value out of it. You need to really make sure that you have solid reasons to get the accreditation so that your management team believe in it and make it work.

If you’re needing to standardise the work that your company performs, then that sure is a valid reason to go for it. ISO 9001 will review your processes, set the benchmark and then create a system for the ongoing improvement and management of this.


To conclude, you could safely argue that all companies should have ISO 9001 as it is a recognised standard for ensuring quality of work. However, don’t just get it for the sake of it. Be sure that you have real reasons to go for it and commit to it – otherwise you’ll be feeling like it’s a waste of money in a couple of years. Qualiform would be more than happy to provide a no obligation quotation and investigate your individual business needs to see if it’s going to be of benefit for you. Contact us on 01472 730530 to arrange a discussion.