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Other Standards

As is generally know the British Retail Consortium has its own standard which is different to ISO9001 and specifically for the retail market, and within that specifically the food industry.

At one time all the big supermarkets had their own standards by which they audited their suppliers meaning that food manufacturers were having to work to different rules depending who they were working for.

A retailer’s dedication to industry best practises is demonstrated by BRC accreditation. Food Retailers will have an independent audit carried out by third-party audits measured against the standard requirements performed by an accredited certification body.

Core Issue Areas Covered By BRCG:

Protecting Brand Reputation

Investments In Product Integrity

Meeting Distributors Obligations

International Recognition In Food Security

Access To Markets Where BRC Is Required

Setting Clear Benchmarks For Quality And Safety

Protecting And Reassuring Consumers On Product Safety, Legality, And Compliance

Core Issue Areas Covered By BRCG:


Food Safety

Agents & Brokers

Packaging & Packaging Materials

Gluten Free

Consumer Products

Storage & Distribution

Ethnical Trade & Responsible Sourcing

The Standard is now split into 3 Sections:

Food Packaging

Food Production

Food Storage & Distribution

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