COVID-19 is there a hidden impact?

Updated: May 4, 2020

The Corona Virus Covid 19 is affecting all of our lives, whether we’ve had to furlough employees, or have some in quarantine or self-isolated; maybe it’s just that we are maintaining social distance in the workplace; or we have staff working from home. We trust it will soon be past with the fatalities kept to a minimum. All credit to our brave NHS who are doing so much to preserve life!

We can be thankful too for the fast response of the government, with all parties working together to a common goal. And of course, businesses have responded rapidly too.

However, by responding quickly, it’s possible that records haven’t been kept as diligently as they should – and that may come back at us in years to come. We know, you know, that you did that deep clean of all your desks and repeated it often; you know you screened staff daily before they worked at your premises, and that you screened visitors. But how much of this could you prove in 18 months’ time?

Qualiform has a set of documents available to help you record all these details, including a simple, analysable timesheet for home workers. By retaining these documents, you will have the record of what happened and when so that, if you were accused of not doing all you could to protect your employees or to stop the spread of the virus, have the records, created at the time, to prove your own ‘due diligence’.

As a Midlands MP said in an email to one of Qualiform’s clients

I foresee a rash of law suits when this is all over, from employees who say that they were asked to work in contravention of Section 44 Employment Rights Act (safety at work) and companies that have not taken appropriate actions to safeguard their employees leave themselves very vulnerable in my view should those workers become seriously ill or die.’

These forms are not rocket-science! But at £95 per set of 15 documents, it’s a lot cheaper than creating them yourselves, and could possibly save you a lot of money in legal fees.

You can purchase the document pack online or alternatively email .

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