Covid 19

Are you prepared for a post-COVID world?

As we all make plans to go back to work in a post Covid-19 environment, all businesses need to ensure that they have taken necessary precautions to protect both their company and their employees. As an employer you must show due diligence that all desks are sanitized and infection-free, that social distancing is maintained at all times and that you have records of anyone who has been isolated, or who has self-isolated, or who has tested positive for Coronovirus.

So, the recent Coronavirus pandemic has introduced a caution to our desire to get back to work with nobody wanting to go back too early, and the only way is to provide safe, hygienic conditions with an Infection Control policy in place.


But what if, at a later date, a disgruntled employee decided to sue under Section 44 Employment Rights Act (safety at work)?  Would you have any proof of what you have done? Legal advice is expensive, but there are plenty of ‘No win, No fee’ companies around who may wish to take advantage of this situation.


An MP from the Midlands has said:

‘I foresee a rash of law suits when this is all over, from employees who say that they were asked to work in contravention of Section 44 Employment Rights Act (safety at work) and companies that have not taken appropriate actions to safeguard their employees leave themselves very vulnerable in my view should those workers become seriously ill or die.’

Qualiform offers a pack of documents which will give you the records you need to substantiate that you have done what needs to be done to contain the virus and protect its employees, which is really a basic feature of Health & Safety.


These documents include photocopiable records, policy statements, photocopiable signs that can be laminated, guidance and timesheets for home workers and much more - 15 documents in total.