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Way We Do

When was the last time your team accessed your company’s business operations manual?

What is the cost to your organization when your team does not follow correct procedures?

Is it your reputation, productivity costs or failure to comply with regulations that is at risk?

Way We Do helps your team to actively use your business operations manual, each and every day, to deliver work consistently to customers.

No matter if they are in the office, out on the road or offshore, they are reminded of what they need to do, by when and how to do it.

What Do You Need Help With?

Whichever Category you fit, how about a Sytem which takes a weight off your shoulders?

Are You Carrying Out Succession Planning?

Do You Have An Ambitious Growth Plan?

Want More Time For Others?

Are You Looking To Sell Up?

What Is Way We Do?

Way We Do is cloud-based SOP Software… it turns your operations manual into a living, breathing tool that is used daily by your team.

It securely houses all of your team’s work instructions such as “how to” information, policies and procedures, along with corresponding recurring tasks. They are emailed daily with tasks due today and links to procedures explaining how to do the job.

What You Can Do With Way We Do?

Create Organizational Charts

Author Policies, Procedures, Instructions and Training Manuals

Provide Step By Step Instructions


Send Reminders To Your Team To Communicate What They Need To Do, By When & How To Do It

Much More Utilization

Provide Checklists

Reasons To Pick Way We Do:

At Qualiform, we believe there should be a system for everything, and those systems should be in one place, easy to find, easy to review and easy to use. Our Way We Do System does just that:


Your operations manual is centralized in the cloud, allowing you and your team to access it from any location.


Access your manual on desktop, mobile and tablet devices.


Record your team signing-off they have read and understood policies and procedures.


Automate communications to inform your team of recurring tasks with links to the procedure


Use pre-written templates and customise the design to match your own preferences.

Always Up-To Date:

Setup reminders for editors to review and revise policies and procedures.


Custom print parts or the whole of your manual to PDF.


Daily backups with up to 256k encryption points.

How you can use Way We Do:

Business owners use Way We Do for different reasons, but here are some common uses…

Systemize your business so it can run without you

Prepare the business for sale and increase its sale value

Onboard new team members so they are productive sooner

Compliance sign-off for policies and procedures

Raise standards and reduce errors in projects, tasks, audits, and other daily activities

Retain knowledge and procedural know-how within the business when people leave

Capture what needs to be done in the business when key people are away

Franchise a business to teach franchisees and their teams how to successfully run it

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